The production line is developed by shuliy machinery through the introduction and absorption of advanced recycling cleaning granulation technology, combined with the development needs of the current era and the recycling and utilization of waste plastics, which can meet the environmental protection requirements for recycling of waste plastics around the world. Handle soft and hard plastics such as discarded plastic bottles, braids, and films! The production line mainly deals with PET beverage bottles and caps, PP/PE waste plastic film, PP/PE plastic garbage, waste PP woven bags (cement bags, space bags, snakeskin bags), PP/PE plastic bags, household garbage. Plastic, PE plastic garbage bags, waste film, greenhouse film, etc.

Shuliy’s PET bottle cleaning and recycling line equipment are mainly produced by:

feeding conveyor, automatic labeling machine, sorting conveyor, automatic high-pressure crusher, spiral friction cleaning feeder, rinsing sink, horizontal dewatering machine composition. Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

Shuliy’s film cleaning production line mainly consists of:

conveyor belt, crusher (shredder), friction cleaner, sedimentation rinse tank, plastic pelletizing machine, dewatering machine, duct drying system, silo, control panel, etc. The waste plastics are sorted (sorted), crushed (with water pulverization), friction cleaning, rinsing, squeezing and dewatering, etc., and the entire production line starts from scrap to finished product, and the waste plastic products are cleaned very efficiently. The dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials.