Waste plastic recycling granulator

Plastic Crushing and cleaning machine

Waste plastic recycling granulator working principle:

The screw extruder is one of the most important equipment for forming and processing. It performs solid transport, compaction, melting, shearing, and kneading extrusion of plastic by external power transmission and heat transfer from external heating elements.

Waste plastic recycling granulator production Process:

The material is forcibly and uniformly added to the main screw through the automatic hoisting machine. The material is subjected to mixing and plasticization under the action of compression and shearing and external heating of the screw. The temperature and pressure are gradually increased, showing a viscous flow state, and passing through the handpiece and extruding the pellet at a certain pressure to obtain particles of the desired shape.

Waste plastic recycling granulator use range:

The single screw extruder is mainly used for filling, blending and modifying rubber and engineering resins. Degradable masterbatch, polyamide polycondensation, extrusion of polyurethane polyaddition reaction, granulation of carbon powder, magnetic powder, insulation for cable, sheath material, PVC cable material and preparation of various silane cross-linking materials. Small models mainly use research and teaching.

Waste plastic recycling granulator features:

The single screw extruder has the functions of mixing, feeding, feeding, extruding, air-cooling hot granulation, air-cooling, and cooling, achieving automatic continuous operation and high production efficiency.
The feeding device adopts a unique technology, which can assist the mixing of the mixing materials and force-feeding, which improves the granulation efficiency and quality.
Air-cooled hot pelletizing with a rotary cutter and fine adjustment.

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