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Prospects for the plastic pellet making machine machinery industry

Prospects for the plastic pellet making machine machinery industry

The recycling of waste plastic raw materials has a very important position in the entire waste plastics processing industry chain, so how do we grasp the quality of recycled materials?

At present, the most important solution to the problem of heating and energy saving in plant,Plastic pellet making machines is high frequency electromagnetic heating equipment. With the further development of the industry, high-frequency electromagnetic heating will become the mainstream heater in the future. Heating equipment has a very prominent leading position in the industry, its thermal efficiency reaches 98%, energy-saving effect reaches 70%, and it is assembled with ordinary workshops. Compared with the frequency heater, it has high intelligence, can be controlled by remote control of data lines, controlled by microcomputer and has multi-level menus, multiple protections, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, and guaranteed after-sales.

PP PE flake products recycling and pelletizing machine (3)

The plant,Plastic pellet making machine can not allow the existence of pores for the insulation layer, especially the thin layer insulation. The core can completely remove the moisture and oil on the surface by preheating before high temperature. For jacket extrusion, its main function is to dry the core to prevent the possibility of voids in the jacket due to moisture. Preheating also prevents the internal pressure of the plastic from being quenched during extrusion. In the plant,Plastic pellet making machine process, preheating can eliminate the cold temperature entering the high temperature machine head, and the disparity temperature difference formed when the mold is in contact with the plastic, avoiding the fluctuation of the plastic temperature and causing the fluctuation of the extrusion pressure, thereby stabilizing the extrusion. The quantity is guaranteed to ensure the quality of the extrusion.

The electric heating core preheating device is used in the plastic granulating unit, which requires sufficient capacity and ensures rapid heating, so that the core preheating and the core drying efficiency are high. The preheating temperature is limited by the speed of the discharge line, and is generally similar to the temperature of the head.

When recycling plastic raw materials, manufacturers of plant,Plastic pellet making machines should check whether the packaging materials have been packaged with toxic and harmful chemical raw materials and can be produced. Otherwise, not only will the environment be seriously polluted, but it will also lose money.

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