How does the peculiar smell come from when the plastic granulator is granulating?


The old customers who bought our plastic granulator have reported to us that there is a strange smell after the waste plastic granulator is granulated. Is the machine damaged? Is this smell harmful to the body? What is the main reason? After experiments and research on this problem, our factory has discovered the cause of the peculiar smell of the plastic granulator.

Materials are very complicated, after degraded, multiple small molecules in materials have decomposed.
As plastic products are added with additives or recycled materials, the plastic products carry the odor of ethylene, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, amine, ammonia, or other peculiar smells. Part of the odor is released after the product is stored for a period of time; sometimes it is lurking in the plastic product, and these harmful gases are released after the secondary processing, which constitutes the peculiar smell of the plastic.

The above content is to share with you the related problems of peculiar smell in the production of plastic granulators. Although it does not affect health, it has gradually attracted the attention of consumers, so it still needs to be paid enough attention by manufacturing companies, logistics, and sales terminal companies. The editor hereby reminds our customers: Avoid transportation and storage under high-temperature conditions, and the processing temperature should not be too high, which can effectively avoid the generation of peculiar smells.

There are many kinds of deodorants on the market, which can also be divided into covering deodorizing method, chemical deodorizing method and adsorption deodorizing method. An adsorption method is the fundamental method to remove peculiar smell. RQT-CW-1 adsorption deodorant is a deodorizing method. It uses a substance with excellent adsorption capacity. It is a yellow microporous organic powder that absorbs odors and odors through ion exchange and complexation reactions.

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