Plastic is very common in our daily lives, and many of our daily necessities are made of plastic. For example, plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc.

Consumption occurs when used, and garbage is generated when consumed.

According to reports, Chinese people waste up to 200 billion yuan on the table each year, and it is enough to eat one year for 200 million people. However, when it comes to garbage, there is more than just food waste. In addition, there are industrial waste, medical waste and so on.

plastic pullotion to the sea
plastic pullotion to the sea

“White pollution”-plastic waste has always been the focus of attention

Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness, more and more people are paying attention to the recycling of plastic waste. Once upon a time, plastic waste has been called “white pollution”.

In April 2019, a pregnant sperm whale died in a port in Italy. The cause of death turned out to be 45 kilograms of plastic products in its stomach.

In May of the same year, a 6-year-old sperm whale died on the beach after swallowing plastic.

You know, the normal life expectancy of a sperm whale is 70 years. But such tragic things happen every day.

What are the consequences of animals eating plastic by mistake?

Plastic products cannot be digested and absorbed by animals. When a certain amount of plastic is eaten, it will cause digestive difficulties, inability to eat, and even cause intestinal obstruction, causing animals to die in pain.

How many years does it take for plastic bottles to degrade?

Faced with such tragic things, many people still do not pay attention to protecting the environment. It should be known that it is difficult to absorb and degrade plastic products when they are abandoned in the natural environment. Depending on the type of plastic, the degradation of a plastic bag may take 10-1000 years, and the degradation of a plastic bottle may take more than 450 years.

plastic bottle
plastic bottle

How to contribute to environmental protection?

As the most environmentally friendly country, Norway, their environmental protection policy is worth learning. Increase certain taxes on plastic import and export business. A certain amount of tax is increased for companies that manufacture plastic products. When the plastic recovery rate reaches about 95%, they can apply for a refund. People also charge extra when buying plastic bottled drinks. This cost is only refunded when the plastic bottle is returned to the recycling facility. Of course, each country has its own policies. From our personal point of view, we can reduce the use of plastic products in our lives, improve the recycling rate of plastic products, and jointly protect our home planet.

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