With the country’s continuous emphasis on a circular economy, more and more people learn about the plastic recycling industry, and many investors are willing to start their own businesses for recycling waste plastics. Therefore, the plastic recycling industry can be said to be a sunrise industry in the 21st century. Investors who are just starting to invest in this project are possibly worried about a problem, that is, how to choose an ideal plastic granulator that suits them, what should be paid attention to before purchasing a granulator?

plastic pellet making machine
plastic pellet making machine

Firstly, clarify the purpose of buying a plastic pellet machine.

Secondly, determine your raw material, which means what staff do you want to recycle.

Thirdly, determine your budget for the plastic granulator.

Then collect relevant information of plastic granulator through various channels, including a field trip. Is the equipment in the plastic granulator produced by the company environmentally friendly? The process should not discharge sewage, and all the cooling tanks should use circulating water. The heating equipment inside the plastic granulator has improved the use of electromagnetic heating for heating the pellets, which saves time and effort. That is the best choice for the investors.

Last but not least, decide which plant you prefer to choose. When choosing a plastic granulator, we must pay attention to whether there is a difference between the actual situation and what the company said. Then we should clarify whether the company’s qualifications are formal, the size of the company. Besides, it is also important to learn about the company’s technology, research, and development of the project team. Many companies now speak very well, especially their own sales force is very strong, but their own R&D, production technology, and after-sales service have always been a loophole. Manufacturers should not only care about sales, whether the plastic pellet machine is suitable for investors and their after-sales service are also important.