Nowadays, people use waste plastics to turn waste into plastic particles that can be reused. In the process of recycling plastics, plastic shredders are a must-have machine. Plastic shredders are currently widely used in various plastic recycling plants.

Since the crusher is so important, how to use the crusher correctly and prolong the life of the machine?

Before starting PET plastic crusher

  • The staff should check that the safety device of the PET plastic crusher is in good condition, and must not make the safety device fail to avoid failure.
  • Before starting the plastic crusher, the drive wheel should be moved one or two times. After confirming that the action is flexible, it can be turned on. Wait until the crusher is running normally before feeding.

During the crushing process

  • When using the PET plastic crusher, keep the crusher feeding evenly and prevent overload. Workers should be careful and strictly prevent metal, wood and other non-breakable objects from falling into the machine. If the wrong materials cause blockages, it will reduce production capacity, and in severe cases destroy machines.
  • The plastic crusher must pay attention to the temperature of the bearing during the operation, ensure that the bearing maintains a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether the sound and vibration are abnormal. When an abnormal situation is found, stop the vehicle to check whether it is caught by a non-fragile object or whether the machine is damaged.

After using PET plastic crusher

  • When the crusher is stopped, check whether the fastening bolts are firm and the degree of wear of the easily worn parts.
  • Check whether the particle size of the pulverized product meets the requirements. If there are too many particles exceeding the specified size, the reasons should be found out, such as the screen gap is too large, the discharge port is too wide, the hammer head is worn, etc., and corresponding measures should be taken to eliminate it.
  • Worn parts should be replaced or repaired in time. So as not to greatly reduce the use effect.