In the plastics recycling industry, you may often hear the term mother baby granules extruder, so what is, it’s the same machine as a Plastic Pelletizer, it’s just called something different.

This term is often used to describe an important part of a Plastic Pelletizing Machine, the supporting relationship between the Extruder and the Pelletizer.

  • Extruder: The Extruder is the “mother” part of the Plastic Pelletizing Machine. It is primarily responsible for heating, melting, and extruding the plastic material to form a uniform melt. The extruder plays the role of heating, compressing and extruding the plastic material.
  • Pelletizer: The pelletizer is the “daughter” part of the plastic pelletizer. It is responsible for cutting the melt extruded from the extruder into pellets or granules to form the final plastic pellets.
mother baby granules extruder
mother baby granules extruder recycling plant

This plastic mother baby granules extruder relationship makes the entire granulating line more efficient and can handle larger volumes of plastic. It organically combines the two steps of extrusion and pelletizing to achieve the process from plastic raw material to pellet molding. In the plastics processing industry, it is customary to refer to these two components as mother baby granules extruders due to their close relationship.