Nigeria, as one of the most dynamic nations on the African continent, is currently undergoing rapid urbanization and industrialization. This development comes hand in hand with extensive plastic usage, leading to a substantial amount of plastic waste generation. However, concurrently, the plastic recycling industry is thriving, presenting substantial opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

The video shows we shipped the recycling machines to one plastic bottle recycling factory in Nigeria. Now the factory is working well and gained profits by selling clean recycled PET flakes.

Increasing waste plastics in Nigeria

Plastic waste is being generated in large quantities in Nigeria. The increase in waste plastics provides more sources of raw materials for plastics recycling plants, including waste from used HDPE PP plastic containers, PP PE bags and LDPE PP packaging materials, which are large in volume, low in cost, easy to collect, and are the most essential raw materials for plastics recycling.

Advanced machines to meet diverse needs

With advancing technology, plastic recycling machines have become more efficient and versatile, capable of catering to the needs of various scales and types of plastic recycling plants. This includes plastic pelletizers, plastic shredders, cleaning equipment, among others. These machines for recycling plastic can be customized according to customer requirements to accommodate different plastic recycling processes.

High-level automation enhancing efficiency

The application of automation technology has made plastic recycling processes more efficient. High-level automation systems can monitor and control production lines, reducing human intervention, improving production efficiency, and lowering labor costs. This is crucial for competitiveness and cost reduction.

Export market opportunities

Nigeria’s recycled plastic pellets are expected to be exported to other countries to meet the global market demand for sustainable plastic raw materials. This provides opportunities for plastic recycling plants to expand their business.

Providing entrepreneurial and employment opportunities

Plastic recycling business is a potential entrepreneurial opportunity, not only for those who are willing to go into the field of sustainable development, but also a plastic recycling plant can solve the problem of many Nigerian people’s jobs, provide a large number of jobs for the society, and contribute to the economic development of Nigeria.

What can Shuliy Machinery do for the recycling business in Nigeria?

Providing comprehensive solutions

Our company offers complete plastic recycling production lines, encompassing plastic pellet production lines, PET bottle crushing and cleaning lines, foam pelletizing lines, and more. These production lines cater to the recycling needs of different types of plastics, ensuring high-quality solutions from plastic pellet production to PET bottle cleaning and processing.

Positive feedback from partners

We have established long-term partnerships with multiple plastic recycling plants in Nigeria, all of whom express satisfaction with our machines and technical support. We understand our customers’ needs and not only provide high-quality machines but also offer comprehensive after-sales service to ensure our customers’ success in the plastic recycling sector.

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