Plastic bottle recycling will have a good profit in the future

Thousands Of Waste Plastic Bottles
thousands of waste plastic bottles

Plastic waste is gradually polluting our land and endangering our health. White pollution has become a major problem. The figures released by the United Nations show that the world consumes about 500 billion plastic bags every year and sells about 1 million plastic bottles every minute. However, so far, only 9% of the 9 billion tons of plastic produced in the world have been recycled.

The natural degradation time of plastic bags is more than 200 years, and "white pollution" is currently one of the important pollution sources in the urban and rural environment. As an extremely widely used packaging material, plastic products have the characteristics of high pollution and difficult degradation, and their potential harm to the ecological environment is huge.

Plastic bottles can be crushed and then processed into plastic products again. Moreover, the bottle body and label of most bottles such as beverage bottles are composed of three different materials. The bottle body is PET, and the material of the bottle cap is basically. It is PE, and the material of the label is PVC, which is very versatile after recycling.

How can we get a good profit of plastic bottle recycling? First, you can accumulate a certain amount and sell it, and the profit can be about 50%. The second is slightly more complicated cleaning, which is divided into low-temperature cleaning and high-temperature cleaning. Low-temperature cleaning is to clean the recycled bottles, which look clean and then sell them. The profit can be about 60%. High-temperature cleaning is cleaning in hot water, plus a special detergent, cleaning to the extent that there are few impurities so that the profit of the sale can be increased. Plastic bottles can also be recycled by the crushing and cleaning line. This requires sufficient experience and knowledge about recycling, but this has the highest profit. After the sale is about twice the profit, it is just that the initial investment is too large, and the experience and venue are required.

Plastic Bottles Recycling
plastic bottles recycling

We need to use the emerging Internet to develop multiple acquisition channels and online methods to increase the number of plastic bottles. For example, operating mobile phone official accounts and mini-programs to let more plastic bottle recyclers know about us. In addition, everyone in the modern age has their own social circle, and scrap buyers are no exception. Sharing in the circle of friends and information exchanged during the chat will become a kind of propaganda. In this way, making full use of the Internet reduces the waste of time and improves the efficiency of recycling.

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