The plastics recycling industry plays an important role in the production chain of plastic products in Côte d’Ivoire. Working with the brand Shuliy, the client purchased a variety of high-quality plastics recycling equipment, including a plastic granules machine, plastic crusher, washing tank, plastic granules cutter and centrifugal dewatering machine.

These recycling machines provide the customer with an advanced plastics recycling solution, enabling it to convert waste plastic pipes and PP plastic bags into high-quality recycled pellets.

Brand trust and cooperation

In the process of choosing partners, customers have extremely high requirements for recycling machine quality and company services. Previously purchased plastic recycling machines encountered problems in the process of use, so our customers from Côte d’Ivoire pay more attention to choosing a reputable brand. Shuliy Group specializes in the production and manufacture of plastic granulators for more than 20 years, the equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries and help customers successfully set up a number of recycling plants.

They had an in-depth communication with Helen, the project manager, to understand the performance, price, shipping cost and installation details of the plastic granules machine, plastic crusher and other equipment. Finally, Helen recommended a complete plastic pelletizing line of 250kg/h according to the customer’s output.

Loading & Delivery

With the smooth shipment of the equipment, the customer’s plastic recycling plant in Côte d’Ivoire is about to undergo an important technological upgrade.