Plastic pelletizing plant
Plastic pelletizing plant in Saudi Arabia

Here is the latest news from Saudi Arabia! The 1-ton/h plastic pelletizing plant has arrived in our customer’s country, Saudi Arabia. In order to assist customers, Shuliy Group arranged our engineer Paul to go to Saudi and help them install those plastic recycling machines. Now the plastic recycling factory in Suadi Arabia has finished installation and started to produce.

Plastic recycling factory in Suadi Arabia

These plastic recycling machines were delivered to Saudi Arabia in August 2022. We have introduced the specific parameters of this plastic pelleting plant in our previous article. Nowadays, all the machines were installed, and we will display the main equipment for your reference.

silo and conveyor1

Plastic waste silo and conveyor

Plastic crusher and washing tank

plastic crusher and washing machine1

Pellet cutter and storage bin

plastic pellet cutter and storage bin1

Plastic pelletizing plant working process

Pleasant cooperation with Saudi Arabia customers

All the installation work and machine testing are going well. Both of us are looking forward to seeing the recycling project running in the near future.

plastic pelletizing plant 21
Shuliy recycling machine received high praise from users
plastic pelletizing plant1
Saudi Arabia client and our engineer

How to start a plastic pelletizing plant in your country?

If you are interested in plastic recycling and going to start a recycling factory in your country, please feel free to contact us right now! Our sales manager will offer you a best-customized plan. Our recycling machines can deal with all kinds of waste plastics, including PP, PE, PET, PVC, EPS, EPE, and other materials.