More and more nations are emphasizing plastic recycling and reuse as the problem of global plastic pollution worsens. Ethiopia, a developing nation, has begun actively promoting the plastic recycling industry and has distinct advantages in this area.In the meantime, starting a plastic recycling business in Ethiopia has some advantages.

Huge market potential and profit

First of all, Ethiopia is one of the largest economies in Africa and has a huge market potential. Due to the country’s low consumption level, a large amount of commodity packaging, plastic bags, and other plastic products are discarded, resulting in an increasing amount of plastic waste. Therefore, there is a broad market prospect to develop a plastic recycling business.

Government support

Second, Ethiopia’s government places a high value on environmental preservation and actively promotes the growth of the plastic recycling industry. In order to encourage businesses and individuals to participate in plastic recycling and to give the necessary financial and technical support, the government has created a number of regulations and measures. This has given the growth of the plastic recycling industry a strong assurance.

Ethiopia is also ideally situated to promote international trade with other nations. Many foreign businesses and investors are looking at the country’s plastic recycling industry because of its expanding significance in the East African region, which offers additional prospects and partners for business expansion.

Enough raw materials

When conducting a plastics recycling business, it is important to note that different types of plastics are recycled and disposed of differently. For example, plastic soft film materials and plastic hard materials are recycled and pelletized in different ways. For soft film materials, plastic pelletizer machine can be used for recycling and granulation, while for hard plastics such as PET plastic bottles, plastic crushing machine need to be used for shredding.

The PET bottle will be crushed into small flakes after recycling.

recycled plastic granules

The waste plastic films will be processed into small recycled plastic pellets. Plastic granulation is a profitable business in the global market.

As mentioned above, It has many advantages to begin a plastic recycling business in Ethiopia, such as broad market prospects, strong support from the government, and convenient trade channels. If we give full play to these advantages, we believe that the plastic recycling business in Ethiopia will be more successful.