Plastic shredder equipment, as the main shredding equipment for plastic recycling, has a broad market space and usage. In order to meet the user’s adjustment and maintenance of the equipment, the following daily maintenance and maintenance materials of the plastic shredder are provided for the reference of plastic shredder customers.

plastic crusher
plastic crusher

1.During the installation of the plastic crusher, the plastic crusher should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor works normally and dissipates heat and prolongs the life of the equipment.

2.Lubricate the main rotating mechanism of the equipment every shift after the crusher done its job. If the uses can do that, they can ensure the normal function of the plastic shredder and can also prolong the service life of the bearing.

3. In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife incision, the knife should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the dullness of the knife edge. The factory should regularly check the knives and screws on the shredder. After a brand new plastic shredder is used for 1 hour, it is best to tighten the knives and screws with tools to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the knife holder.

4.The grinder should be cleaned regularly. Before the second start, the remaining debris in the machine room should be removed to reduce the starting resistance. The protective cover and pulley cover should be opened regularly to clear the ash outlet below to prevent the powder discharged from the plastic crusher room from entering the shaft bearing.

5.The pulverizer should be placed on a flat ground, and the staff should carefully check whether there is any hard metal under the pulverizer before starting operation. If the pulverizer is not placed smoothly, the operation of the blades will also be affected, and the pulverizing function will be reduced.