First, the product description

  1. The plastic washing machine is suitable for cleaning the broken plastic waste. It can clean the dirt and dirt of the plastic surface to make the plastic reach the standard of granulation. It is used to quickly and efficiently treat various plastic materials with high impurity content. Cleaned and further improved the quality of the cleaning, thus improving processing efficiency and processing quality.
  2. It is applied to the cleaning of waste plastics. It has the advantages of small footprint, simple operation and high output. It is indispensable auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

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Second, the use of instructions and precautions

  1. Make sure that the ground on which the equipment is placed should be stable to prevent the equipment from sloshing during operation to generate noise. If the equipment does not move frequently, the ground can be fixed on the ground.
  2. Turn on the power, start running, idle for 1 minute, observe whether there is any noise, if there is abnormal sound, immediately turn off the power, check whether there is material stuck in the tank, check the motor belt slack and so on. 
  3. If everything is normal, turn on the water supply switch and let the water enter the pipeline into the washing room. 
  4. Turn off the water supply switch before stopping the machine, and then turn off the power after the water in the washing room is drained. 
  5. Regularly inspect the belt and fill the bearing grease. 
  6. This machine is suitable for cleaning broken plastics. Plastics should not contain large blocks.