Automatic conveyors have an important role and advantage in a plastic washing pelletizing line and plastic recycling plant. These include increased productivity, reduced costs, reduced material losses, and improved worker safety while providing flexibility and adaptability.

In addition, Shuliy Group has different conveyors for plastic recycling pellet machine and plastic shredder machine, and our engineers make special and innovative designs to improve the efficiency of plastic recycling plants and ensure the quality of plastic recycled pellets, depending on the characteristics of the equipment to which the conveyor is connected.

If you are a plastic pellet manufacturer, welcome to continue reading this article, we will introduce you to more details of conveyors for a plastic washing pelletizing line.

Conveyors for plastic recycling pellet machine

The structure of conveyors for plastic recycling pellet machine is cleverly designed: an iron removal device is installed at the top of the conveyor to prevent metal debris from being transferred into the plastic recycling pellet machine, therefore, it can avoid to damage the screw while ensuring the production efficiency of the next plastic pellet. Installed a reducer to control the speed of conveying raw materials to the plastic recycling pellet machine to ensure the smooth operation of the whole production line.

conveyors for plastic recycling pellet line
iron removal device is on the bottom of the conveyor

Conveyors for plastic crusher

For crushing light-quality plastic film, we add auto-forced rollers at the top of the conveyor, which makes it easier for the light plastic to enter the plastic shredder machine, avoiding the difficult situation of discharging the material and improving the crushing efficiency.

plastic crusher and washing machine
auto conveyors of plastic shredder machine in a plastic recycling plant

Advantages of conveyors for a plastic washing pelletizing line

Improving production efficiency

The automatic conveyor can achieve continuous and efficient conveying of materials, reduce manual handling and transportation time, and greatly improve production efficiency. It can automatically feed waste plastic materials from the initial collection point or storage area to the pelletizer or other processing equipment, ensuring continuous operation of the plastic washing pelletizing line.

Reduced labor costs

Automatic conveyors can replace manual handling and transportation tasks, reducing the need for human resources and the associated labor costs. This means that companies can save on labor costs and improve economic efficiency in the production process.

Reduce material loss

Automatic conveyors of a plastic washing pelletizing line can precisely control the conveying speed and position of materials, avoiding the accumulation and mixing of materials. They can also reduce material loss and waste. It can ensure the stability and accuracy of materials in the conveying process and reduce the possibility of waste generation.

Enhance work safety:

The use of automatic conveyors reduces the risk of manual intervention and reduces the possibility of human error and accidents at work. It ensures safe conveying and handling of materials and reduces potential hazards in the work environment.

Last but not least

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plastic washing pelletizing line
plastic washing pelletizing line