PP Cap recycling
PP Cap recycling

The plastic bottle caps that we often use in our daily lives, though seemingly small, contain important recycling value. In this article, we will explore the important of pp cap recycling, and the importance and feasibility of recycling programs.

Why do we need to recycle PP plastic bottle caps?

Reuse: Plastic bottle caps are usually made of polypropylene (PP), a high-quality plastic material. Recycling plastic bottle caps can turn waste plastic into recycled resources and reduce the consumption of virgin resources. Recycling plant can also obtain profit by PP cap recycling.

Market potential: As people’s awareness of sustainable development and environmental protection increases, the demand for recycled plastic products is also increasing. Recycled PP plastic bottle caps can be made into a variety of recycled plastic products, such as plastic packaging, household goods, etc., the market demand potential is huge.

Why can’t I use one machine to recycle PP caps with PET bottles?

After over 10 years experiences, our sales manager, Tina, she was been asked the same question many times from customers: Why can’t I use one machine to recycle PP caps with PET bottles? or Can I use the same PET bottle recycling machine to deal with their PP caps?

The answer is no.

  • Different materials: Plastic bottle caps and bottles are made of different materials, so recycling them together will affect the recycling effect.
  • Different processing methods: Due to the difference in density between the two, plastic bottle caps and bottles can be effectively separated from PP and PET materials through the floating washing tank during the recycling process, and the separated PP materials can be used for granulation. PET material can be used for granulation, but due to the difficulty of recycling and its characteristics, it is generally not used for granulation.
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Floating washing tank for PP and PET flakes