What can plastics do after recycling with the plastic recycling machine?

plastic pellets made by plastic granulator

Plastic recycling refers to the use of certain recycling processes and plastic recycling equipment to recycle and reuse waste plastics to achieve the purpose of turning waste into treasure. At present, common discard plastics are mainly plastic films, plastic bags, and woven products, foam plastics, plastic packaging boxes and containers, daily plastic products, etc. So, what can the plastic processed by the industrial plastic recycling machine be used for?

1. Recyclable plastic can be used to make fuel.

Waste plastic recycling plants can use waste plastics, such as food bags, waste woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic shoe soles, wire and cable skins, foam lunch boxes, plastic toys, to produce high-quality 90# fuel oil. And this kind of fuel is tested as qualified high-quality lead-free fuel, and 1 ton of waste plastic can produce about half a ton of fuel.

Detail Information Of The Plastic Recycle Machine
detail information of the plastic recycle machine

2. The waste plastic can be used to produce waterproof and antifreeze glue.
Using foam plastic waste as the base material, it produces a variety of multi-purpose and multi-purpose indoor and outdoor building decoration water-resistant adhesive paste and glue series products under special formulas and process conditions.

It is a low investment, quick effect, competitive, Ideal project to effectively eliminate plastic pollution. Each ton of waste can produce several tons of finished rubber. Based on the minimum packaging of 5kgx200 barrels per ton of rubber, the comprehensive production cost is about 3000 yuan, and the selling price is about 6000 yuan.

3. Preparation of aromatic compounds.

By heating waste plastics such as PE and PP to 300°C to decompose them into carbohydrates, and then adding catalysts, aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and xylene can be synthesized. When reacting at a temperature of 525°C, 70% of the waste plastics can be converted into useful aromatic substances. These substances can be used as raw materials for chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as fuel improvers for gasoline, etc., and are extremely versatile.

Waste Plastic Recycling Products
waste plastic recycling products

4. Manufacturing recycled particles.
Using special plastic granulation equipment, waste plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene can be crushed, washed, heated, plasticized, and extruded.
Arts, processing, and production of renewable particles sold in the market. The daily output of 1 ton can earn a profit of about 300-500 yuan.

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