Nowadays, the plastic recycling industry is very hot, and various plastic recycling equipment is also very popular. So what can be done after waste plastic recycling and regeneration? After some investigation, we found that recycled plastic has a wide range of uses, it can make highways, chairs, watches, luggage, bricks for construction, cell phone cases, etc.

Chair made of recycled plastic

London-based designer Tom Robinson has created a chair called “Evolve” using recycled plastic from electronic waste. The chair’s plastic parts can still be recycled. Robinson said, “The furniture industry prefers to make chairs from natural materials, but given the 6.3 billion metric tons of waste plastic we produce on the planet, I felt we needed to find a logical way to use these plastic resources to save on the use of natural materials.”

Recycled Plastic for Phone Cases

Outdoor brand Lander has launched a new line of eco-friendly cases designed for Apple’s iPhone 12, featuring sustainable materials. The series of cases feature bio-based plastic on the outer layer and a hard protective layer on the inside. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Lander also uses 100% recyclable, non-plastic materials in the product packaging.

Recycled plastic for electric cars

A team of university students from the Netherlands has released an electric car made almost entirely from waste plastic. The car’s body, finishes, windows and interior are all made from recycled materials. Recycled plastic consists mainly of PET bottles salvaged from the ocean, ABS and other household waste. The base is made of linen and recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic for sunglasses and other products

Farmers’ Spring will be responsible for recycling the end-of-life buckets and selling them to another partner, a Shanghai-based materials technology company. These 19-liter plastic buckets, made of polycarbonate, have an average service life of about 2.5 years. Each year, about 1 million buckets of this size are recycled by Nongfu Quan. These recycled plastic bottles will be made into products such as sunglasses.