Can plastic foam be recycled?

In industrial buildings, the plastic foam has the structural characteristics of fine closed cells, and is widely used in building walls, roof insulation, cold storage, vehicles, ships, and thermal insulation; at the same time, it is a new type of shock-proof packaging material with specific gravity It has the advantages of a lightweight, impact resistance, easy molding, and low price.

In daily life, plastic foam is something that everyone often sees, and they are often used as packaging, such as packaging furniture, food, electrical appliances, etc. Even now, many couriers are filled with plastic foam to prevent shocks. So dealing with these bubbles has become a regular thing to do.

Raw Materials Of The Eps Granulators
raw materials of the EPS granulators

Plastic foam is recyclable

Plastic foam is recyclable. Plastic foam is a kind of polymer material, which is very convenient to recycle and process. Through the secondary processing of these polymer materials, they can be remade into new plastic products.

Relevant professionals have learned through experiments that after the foam is dissolved, it turns into glue, that is, resin, which can be recycled and reused. Therefore, foam is a recyclable waste. The recycling and reuse of foam not only reduces the white polluting soil, rivers and oceans but also save resources.

Some methods to recycle plastic foam

At present, there are only a few ways to recycle plastic foam. First, the recycled waste foam is pulverized into small pieces by a plastic foam crushing machine. Then in order to reduce the volume of the plastic foam, recycling plant always use a melting machine to melt the foam at high temperature. Then put the melted plastic foam into the granulator, and use professional equipment to make the foam into small plastic granules. This is a more professional and formal recycling method, and a lot of profits can be obtained.

Foam Melting Machine
foam melting machine
Waste Epe Foam Pelletizing Machine
Waste EPE Foam Pelletizing Machine

Another recycling method is to pulverize plastic foam and use it as a filler; the third method is to chemically crack oil or recover styrene; the last one is to make coatings and adhesives.

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