For local plastic bottle recycling plants, the process of plastic bottle recycling involves collecting, sorting,delabeling,crushing, cleaning, and drying.

Plastic bottle recycling overview

The first step in the recycling process is, of course, collection. Recyclers end up with recyclable materials at their facilities in a variety of ways, ranging from citywide programs to private drop-offs and commercial contracts. Recycling facilities often contract with medium to large companies to properly dispose of their recyclables and waste. In many states, local companies have strict requirements for reducing landfill waste.

local plastic bottle recycling
plastic crushing machine for local plastic bottle recycling near you

After collection, the mixed metals, wood strips, and other magazines are removed, then the plastic bottles will be de-labeled at the facility through a label removal machine, and then the plastic bottles are crushed and washed. At this stage, labels, adhesives and other impurities are removed.

Then comes the shredding. The plastic is fed into a plastic bottle crusher. After crushing, the plastic bottles are mixed with PP PE’s, which are the materials used for plastic bottle caps. Using a floating separation tank can effectively separate them out depending on the density of the plastic. The remaining PET plastic pieces will be dried.

The obtained PET chips can be directly sold to local plastic processing factories and used to make new plastic products.

What types of plastic waste can be recycled near me?

Luckily, it’s easy to find discarded plastic products near you in the local plastic bottle recycling plants, and here’s some information about common recyclable plastics.

  • PET is the most common type of recycled plastic bottles. This plastic is not recommended for reuse and is used for beverage containers, mineral water bottles, and spice bottles.
  • HDPE is slightly thicker and is used for items such as body wash and shampoo bottles. This type of plastic is also highly recyclable and is a common recycling material in recycling plants.
  • PVC is flexible and is used for the plastic film on beverage bottles, they need to be separated when recycling plastic bottles and the collected PVC plastic film can be used for plastic pelletizing.
  • LDPE Thin and flexible, LDPE is the type of plastic used for shopping bags and bread bags. These materials, which are commonly used to package plastic bottles, can also be collected in large quantities for pelletizing.
  • PP is used in products such as ketchup bottles, plastic straws and medicine bottles. It is recyclable and can be made into a variety of items.