The plastic pelletizing machine needs proper maintenance before using or during use. This machine can use a long time with good maintenance, so as to bring more benefits to the user.

First: Requirements on clothes and matters needing attention

  1. Wear work clothes, masks, protective glasses and gloves during working.
  2. Be careful with hand pinching when feeding materials into the granulator.
  3. Do not put your hand into the electrical chamber during running.
  4. Do not open the outlet hopper during operation.

Second: Cleaning before use and after being shut down

  1. Before the inspection, unplug the power supply of plastic pelletizing machine.
  2. Open the cover plate of the plastic pelletizing machine, use the brush to clean the impurities inside the granulator, and then use compressed air to clean thoroughly, then make sure that there are no impurities in the granulator.

Third: Pre-check

  1. nplug before checking. Check whether the ground wire is connected.
  2. Open the cover of the plastic pelletizing machine and the enclosure of stationary blades, drive the knife toward your own direction manually to check the bearings of moving blades, lubrication between gears, and the clearance between moving blade, the elasticity of triangular belt.
  3. Check whether the hob is damaged or not and whether the rubber roller is in good condition.
  4. Close the enclosure of the stationary cutter and the cover of the plastic pelletizing machine, connect the power supply, check all electrical components and the rotating condition of the granulator, then adjust the plastic granulator to the positive rotation direction.
  5. Check whether the electric wire connecting screw is tight or not. Make sure all parts of the plastic granulator are in good condition before starting up. The equipment maintenance should be run after the fault report sending to the equipment supervisor.

Fourth: Operation steps

  1. The plastic pelletizing machine can be carried out cleaning after the inspection is completed.
  2. Start the plastic pelletizing machine, start the motor first before starting the cutter carefully.
  3. Start the plastic pelletizing machine at low speed for 2 minutes with the proper running ensured.
  4. Pull the extruded materials into the plastic pelletizing machine to process into granules, and the grain thickness is between 2 and 4mm
  5. Adjust the speed of plastic granulator according to the process to match the speed of plastic granulator and extrusion.
  6. When the work is finished, evacuate materials and slow down the cutter speed until it stops. Then turn off the motor.
  7. Clean the working environment around the plastic pelletizing machine in time.