Plastic granulator is a very environmentally friendly machine. The role of the plastic pelletizing machine is mainly to recycle waste plastic granulator for reuse.
The main types of plastics recycled are a plastic film, plastic chips, woven, plastic products, plastic packing cases, containers, cable wrapping materials, and various daily sundries, entertainment, health care device and other plastic products.

Plastic products such as films, packing cases and containers, weaves and sheets are mainly used in plastic packaging after plastic recycling machine processing.
In addition, other plastic packaging products (such as plastic trays), agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), and plastic decoration products, after recycling can be reused in many fields.

There are several ways to recycle and regenerate waste plastics:

  1. Fuel recovery is to turn the waste plastic into fuel
  2. Use waste plastics to produce the waterproof gel. Each ton of waste plastics can be processed into tons of finished glue
  3. The waste plastics can be converted into crude oil for making chemicals and pharmaceuticals after the chemical reaction
  4. It can be made into multi-functional resin adhesive, waterproof coating, anti-rust paint and other products.
  5. It can produce the fire-proof decorative board with the appearance of colorful and fire and waterproof features.
  6. Reprocess waste plastic by plastic pelletizing machine granulator into particles. These recycled plastic particles are used for injection molding and other plastic products, also can be used for wiredrawing.
plastic pelletizing machine

Development prospect of plastic pelletizing machine

Currently, plastic product development potential all over the world is huge. The application field of increasing plastic recycling machine has become an indispensable part of people’s life. Plastic products are everywhere. Plastic products industry is not only the root of waste plastic recycling industry, but also the most favorable item in the consumer market.

Take medium-sized polluting plastics factory as example consume high-pressure polyethylene renewable particles more than one thousand tons, a medium-sized shoe factory need renewable PVC particles hundreds of tons, smaller private enterprises, takes in more than one hundred tons of renewable particles. Plastic granulator plastic pelletizing machine and the related pelletizing line has promising prospects, can both eliminate the white pollution, also saves energy and protects the ecological balance, then realize a virtuous cycle of resource utilization that turn waste into treasure.