Many customers bought our plastic recycling granulator always asked us: How to improve the quality of the plastic recycling pellets? What should they do to improve their pelletizing skills? Here are several suggestions from Shuliy’s professional engineers.

Proper handling your raw materials

Choose suitable raw materials: Choosing high-quality raw materials is critical to the quality of plastic recycling pellets. The water content and impurities in the raw materials will affect the pelletizing process and quality, so high-quality raw materials should be selected. For example, if your raw materials are soft type, like plastic films, plastic bags or woven bags, just wash them in a plastic washing tank, then the vertical lifting machine will send them into a plastic recycling granulator.For soft materials, granualtor plastic recycling needs materials with water. The granulating machine can express the extra water itself.

waste plastic films
waste plastic films fit high-humidity pelletizing

Optimizing the plastic-crushing process

Optimize the plastic crushing process: Plastic crushing is a key step in pelletizing, and optimizing the crushing process can effectively improve the quality of pelletizing. Increasing the rotation speed and number of blades of the crusher and reducing the heat generated during the crushing process can avoid excessive crushing, which affects the quality of pelletizing.

plastic crushing machine for sale

Adjusting a right parameter

The parameters of the pelletizing machine also have a significant impact on the quality of pelletizing. Reasonable adjustments need to be made according to different types and qualities of plastics, including temperature, speed, pressure, etc.

plastic pelletizing machine

Making equipment maintenance

Strengthen equipment maintenance: Regular maintenance of pelletizing equipment and maintenance, timely replacement of plastic pellet machine screen, cleaning equipment, timely replacement of wearing parts, keep the normal operation of plastic recycling granulator, can effectively improve the quality of pelletizing.

Screening your plastic recycling pellets

Increase the screening process: Improving the quality of plastic pellets can be achieved by the screening process. The pellets that do not meet the requirements can be screened and removed to produce higher-quality plastic pellets.

plastic recycling pellets

Last but not least, if you are interested in plastic pellet production, welcome to send your requirements to our website form or contact us directly. We will arrange for our sales manager to send you machine details and customized solutions as soon as possible.