The processing methods of plastic film sheet of different materials are slightly different, but most of them need the following steps.

First of all, the raw material needs to be crushed and washed easily by a crashing and cleaning machine, it is the first step in the plastic film recycling line, then they will be washed thoroughly in a sink. After that, the wet plastic film sheet will be dehydrated and will be melted as a mushy shape with electromagnetic heating, long strips will be created by the plastic granulator machine, then those long strips will be cooled in a cold water sink, at this moment, they will be cut by the pellet cutting machine, at last, the pellets will be stored in the storage bin.

plastic pellet making machine
plastic pellet making machine

PVC plastic film sheet recycling production line

Due to the characteristics of PVC material, it is best not to wash it in the process of recycling PVC plastic film. If a water washing step is necessary, the raw materials must be dried. And in the processing process, chemical ingredients need to be added. Generally, the quality of plastic particles is related to the water content of raw materials. Too much water content will seriously affect the quality of plastic particles.

Relevant equipment for PVC plastic film recycling

No cleaning: plastic crusher — plastic pellet extruder — cooling tank — pellet cutting machine

PP plastic film sheet recycling production line

Woven bags are a very common kind of PP soft material. Some woven bags are dirty and need to be washed twice before entering the next processing step.

Relevant equipment for PP plastic film recycling

crushing and cleaning machine — washing machine — dewatering machine — washing machine — dewatering machine — plastic granulator machine — cooling tank — pellet cutter

PE plastic film sheet recycling production line

There is a special type of PE plastic film, namely cling film. In supermarkets, frozen food or fresh vegetable packaging is usually covered with plastic wrap. However, this type of cling film is often affixed with a label. At this time, a paper-plastic separator is required to separate the label paper and the cling film.

Recycling equipment for cling film

plastic crusher — paper-plastic separator — cleaning tank — dehydrator — plastic granulator — cooling tank — pelletizer