In recent years, recycling of plastic bottles has been a topic of concern. When I was very young, I used to pick up plastic bottles on the street. At that time, I could sell an empty mineral water bottle for 0.1 yuan. Nowadays, due to the proliferation of plastic products, plastic bottles are no longer recycled individually but are collected by the pound.

On December 2nd, Pan Lumin, President of Polyurethanes Asia Pacific of Huntsman Group, a US chemical company, said that with the gradual promotion and implementation of waste classification, the conditions for the construction of PET recycling equipment in mainland China are becoming more mature in the future.

Focus on waste plastic recycling

Environmental protection is a hot topic in today’s society. In particular, more and more people are paying attention to the recycling of plastic waste. The current global problem of waste plastics is getting worse. This is reflected in the fact that approximately one million waste plastic bottles are growing every minute worldwide, but less than 50% of plastic bottles are recycled. According to an expert report from the press conference, if this problem is not resolved, there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish by 2050.

In the face of such a situation, how can we solve it?

As a member of the Earth’s inhabitants, it is our duty to protect the environment. Most plastic bottles are made of PET. After recycling, plastic particles can be generated again. It is then used in the production of other plastic products.

plastic bottle recycling
plastic bottle recycling

What is the process of the plastic bottle production line?

1. First, sort the recycled plastic bottles, and separate the plastic bottle caps and labels of different materials.

2. Put the unlabeled bottle into the plastic bottle crusher, the machine will break the plastic bottle into small pieces.

3. Plastic sheets cannot be used directly for processing, they must be cleaned.

4. Dry the cleaned plastic sheet. This step is essential and will affect the processing quality of the plastic.

5. The cleaned plastic sheet will then melt into the plastic pellet machine to make a new plastic strip.

6. The plastic strip will be cut into small granulates after cooling.

This is the workflow of the entire production line. The plastic bottle production line can process plastics twice to achieve the effect of recycling.