The plastic pellet dewatering machine utilizes spiral, push-up, separation and dehydration, automatic feeding, and discharge is completed in one time. The granules and flakes are more than 1 ton, especially his unique automatic feeding and discharging function overcome the needs of traditional centrifuges. The disadvantages of manual discharging and manual discharging are convenient and quick, greatly saving manpower and improving work efficiency. It is the most excellent plastic recycling dehydration drying equipment in China.

Product introduction

Feeding hopper: The vertical plastic pellet dewatering machine feeding hopper generally adopts a square cone hopper. The height of the feeding hopper is about 90cm from the ground. If it is a plastic dewatering machine in the assembly line, it can be directly fed into the feeding hopper. If used alone, it can be manually fed into the hopper.

Feeding propulsion system: 1.5kw gear motor of plastic particle dryer drives a horizontal spiral drive shaft for feeding. The feeding speed is fast and the feeding is uniform. The dewatering machine has small requirements on material size, which can satisfy most cases. Plastic dewatering needs.

Centrifugal dewatering system: The vertical plastic pellet dewatering machine centrifugal dewatering system mainly uses centrifugal force to quickly dry the moisture in the material.

Screening system: Vertical plastic pellet dewatering machine mesh screens are all made of high-quality stainless steel mesh screen, which mainly realizes solid-liquid separation under high centrifugal force conditions. The size of the screen mesh can be customized according to the size of the material.

Waterbody recirculation system: The water body recirculation system of the vertical plastic particle dewatering machine actually refers to the outer casing part of the vertical plastic dewatering machine, which mainly protects the internal components and blocks the backflow of the water body.

Outlet hopper: The dewatering machine discharge hopper is about 1 meter away from the ground. It can be directly connected to the bag, and can also be docked with other equipment, which is convenient to operate.

Power system: The vertical plastic pellet dewatering machine power system consists of a spindle power motor and a feeding gear motor, which feeds evenly without blocking.