A plastic granulator is mainly used to recycle waste plastic film, PP, PE flakes. It is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry and is deeply supported and favored by customers. However, in order to better ensure the overall performance of the plastic granulator and prolong the service life of the product, plastic granulator operation attention should be emphasized. What should we pay attention to when using a plastic granulator? There is something we need to point out before operating the equipment.

Do not drop hard impurity in the inlet

The operator must pay attention to the filling, do not enter the plastic, master the temperature, and there should be no metal residue or fine sand. Do not place metal objects that may fall in around the feed inlet to prevent damage to the plastic pellet machine or cause jamming or destruction.

plastic granulator warning
plastic granulator warning

Operate strictly according to requirements

The actual operation is carried out by trained operators who are familiar with the equipment structure and operating procedures. The correct use of the plastic granulator can greatly reduce the mechanical failure and damage caused by the wrong operation of the machine, and greatly extend the life and reliability of the machine.

Temperature is important

Plastic extruder temperature

The operator must control the temperature during the feeding operation. When the machine is turned on, the plastic does not appear in strips. This is mainly caused by excessive temperature. It will be normal after a little cooling. The situation does not require downtime. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the main screw of the plastic pellet machine is set at about 200 degrees, and the temperature of the auxiliary machine screw is generally set at about 160 degrees.

During the actual operation of the plastic machinery and equipment, the material temperature has not reached the set temperature and the holding time is not enough, the extruder screw is not allowed to start up.

Plastic pellet extruder
Plastic pellet extruder

Temperature of water in the cooling tank

When discharging processed plastic pellets, we must pay attention to the water temperature in the cooling tank. If the temperature is too low, the strips will be broken, and the water temperature will be easy to stick. Generally, the plastic pellet machine needs tens of minutes to have a water cycle. Keep the water temperature from rising.

Make the plastic strip even and straight

Before the plastic strips will be cut into pellets, they must be evenly drawn before entering the plastic pellet cutter, otherwise the plastic pellet cutter will be damaged. If the discharge is relatively thin or broken, it proves that the filter has been blocked by impurities, in this case, the mesh must be replaced.