We are pleased to announce that a recent customer from the United States showed great interest in our plastic waste recycling machines and decided to come to our factory in person to visit and learn more details.

This customer was browsing our website and became interested in our plastic crusher and plastic granulator, and then contacted us through our sales manager.


After communicating with our sales manager, the customer decided to come to visit our factory in person. He wanted to see with his own eyes how our equipment works and to evaluate its performance and quality. Earlier this year, the customer came to our factory and had a full tour and test run of our plastic waste recycling machines.

During the tour, the customer spoke highly of our plastic recycling machines. He was impressed by the efficiency and advancement of our equipment and expressed his belief that our equipment could help them improve the efficiency and quality of plastic recycling. The customer showed great satisfaction with our equipment and said he would sign a cooperation agreement with us soon.