On July.10, a group of customer from Togo visited the Shuliy plastic recycling plant.

The customers have a plastic recycling pelletizing plant on their own but they have been using the traditional plastic melting machine for a long time, which had quite a low efficiency.

Therefore, when they visited the workshop and the plastic pelletizing production line of the machine they were impressed by the high-efficiency and no emission of our plastic pelletizing machine.

recycling machines 1

The engineer and sales manager also explained the working principle of Shuliy plastic pelletizing machine to the customer and they are content with the technologies and techniques we applied to the plastic pelletizer.

Besides, they also checked the final quality of the recycled plastic pellets we produced and they were satisfied with the pellets as well.

plastic granulator
plastic pelletizer machine for PP PE bags and films

The customers have plenty of PP raffia bags and cement bags, they believe our pelletizing machine is very suitable for their plastic recycling plant. They look forward to co-operating with Shuliy Group in the near future.