Recently, our factory had the honor of receiving an important customer from Bangladesh. In order to deeply understand the plastic recycling equipment and technical strength of our factory, the customer came to visit and had a detailed communication with Hailey, the business manager of our factory.

plastic recycling equipment

Warm reception

Lunch networking: Hailey greeted the client with a warm smile and personally escorted him to savor a delicious lunch. This relaxing and enjoyable lunch established a more friendly atmosphere for both parties to work together.

Factory Tour

Equipment display: After lunch, Hailey led the customer to visit the production workshop of our factory. Customers showed great interest in our advanced plastic granulators, plastic shredders and other plastic recycling equipment.

The recycling process was shocking: Watching a demonstration of the entire plastic recycling granulating line, the customer was very impressed with the process of recycling plastic cash. This forward-looking technology filled him with respect for our factory’s innovative ability and industry position.

Through this visit, we believe our customer has a deeper understanding of our factory’s strength and technical level. His strong willingness to cooperate also makes us confident in our future cooperation.

Future Prospect

We expect our Bangladeshi customers to become our partners in the near future. Through joint efforts, we believe he will buy our advanced plastic recycling equipment in our factory and jointly promote the plastic recycling industry in Bangladesh to achieve greater development.