As an indispensable PET bottle recycling machine, bottle label remover machine can improves the recycling efficiency for recycling plants.

Bottle label remover machine
Plastic PET bottle recycling machine

PET bottle recycling machine introduction

PET recycling machines include bottle label remover and bottle shredders, drying equipment, sorting machines, etc., which work in tandem to convert discarded PET plastic bottles into high quality through de-labeling, shredding, washing, drying, etc., providing important support for sustainable PET bottle flakes recycling.

Among them, the bottle label remover machine is an important machine that helps to improve recycling efficiency.

How does a bottle label remover improve PET recycling efficiency?

Automatic operation: The PET label remover is able to automate the removal of labels from plastic bottles, replacing manual operation and thus greatly improving production efficiency. Automation also reduces manual errors and labor costs.

High-speed Label Removal Capability: The PET Label Remover has a high-speed processing capability that can quickly remove labels from a large number of plastic bottles, with a 98% label removal rate. This high-speed capability makes the entire PET bottle recycling line more efficient.

Precise Label Removal Technology: Modern PET label remover adopts advanced technology, the blades can accurately remove the labels without harming the bottles.

Variety of sizes: Label removers can often accommodate different sizes and types of plastic bottles, from small to large, round to square, flat or round, all of which can be efficiently relabeled, ensuring versatility in the recycling process.