Shuliy Group’s PET bottle label remover machine peels off the PVC label paper from PET bottles. At the same time, the label remover machine can also detach some of the PP bottle caps.

PET bottle label remover specializes in stripping all types of PET bottles, including flattened bottles. It is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment for PET bottle material crushing and further cleaning process before the complete plastic bottle washing and crushing line.

In the PET bottle recycling and cleaning line, a PET bottle label removal machine is used before the plastic bottles are crushed. It can reduce the PVC content of PET net flakes and greatly improve efficiency and replace manual work.

In the past years, before recycling and processing used plastic bottles, it is usually necessary to separate the trademark on plastic bottles by hand. Usually, 1 ton of waste plastic bottles requires 2-3 people to work continuously for 12 hours, which is a complicated process, labor-intensive, low working efficiency, and high cost. The PET bottle label remover machine mainly meets the PET bottle delabeling section. The successful development of this PET bottle label remover machine has completely changed the status quo of relying on manual label stripping in the past, and at the same time, it has greatly improved production efficiency and reduced labor intensity.

This PET bottle label remover machine adopts a high hard alloy cutter head, using the tooth plate on the rotor of the machine to rub the trademark on the plastic bottle. At the same time, under the friction of the barrel fillet of this machine, the bottle trademark will be peeled off. After the trademark is peeled off, the bottle and the trademark can be implemented to separate automatically, the effect reaches more than 98%. The machine can save the cost for PET bottle recycling manufacturers and improve the production efficiency of the ideal choice of products.