A plastic crusher machine is a dispensable device of a plastic pelletizing line. Shuliy plastic crushing machine has shipped to more than twenty countries plastic recycling pelletizing plants, including Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, and so on.

In this article, we will introduce you to 7 common questions which our customers asked most frequently. Welcome to read more.

1. What is the power of plastic crusher machine?

Both motors and diesel engines are available for our plastic crusher. But something you should know is that the diesel engine can only be used alone. In a complete plastic pelletizing line, the power should be motor.

2. Can I buy a separate plastic crushing machine without buying a complete production line?

Yes, we sell single plastic crushers alone. But if your raw materials are plastic films, you need a fan to blow the light materials to the plastic film shredder.

3. If I buy a line for film pelletizing, do I still need a fan for the shredder?

If you buy a complete plastic pellet production line for film pelletizing, there is no need to buy a fan, because during the plastic pelletizing process, we will send water into the plastic crusher machine, and the light films will be sent to the machine easily by the water flowing.

4. What are the outstanding advantages of the Shuliy plastic crusher machine?

All our plastic shredders are manufactured with a dynamic balance test where the machine is run continuously for 12 hours and the bearings and blades are tested using professional instruments to see if they meet the standards. Shuliy group guarantees the quality of every shredder.

5. What are the price factors of a plastic shredder?

  • Model specifications: Different models and specifications of plastic crusher machine have different processing capacities and shredding effects, and plastic crusher prices will vary.
  • Type of raw material: Plastic shredders are usually suitable for many types of plastics, but for some special plastics, special knives, and structures may need to be customized, which may affect the price.
  • Accessory facilities: Plastic crushing machine usually requires the use of other equipment and accessories such as conveyors, storage, knife grinders, etc. This additional ancillary equipment and accessories may increase the overall price of the crusher.
plastic crusher machine
plastic crusher machine with a fan

6. How do I choose the right plastic crusher for my needs?

When choosing a plastic crusher machine, a plastic recycling pelletizing plant needs to consider the type of raw material, capacity requirements, grind size, and the reliability and durability of the equipment.

7. What do I pay attention to the maintenance of a plastic crushing machine?

Maintenance of the plastic crusher requires regular cleaning of the blades and regular sharpening to ensure the sharpness of the blades. In addition, checking and replacing worn parts, and keeping the plastic crusher lubricated and cooled are important aspects of plastic crusher maintenance.