Correct use of plastic granulator equipment

1. When removing the residual material on the barrel, screw and mold, only the bamboo or copper knife can be used to scrape the shovel. It is not allowed to scrape the material with a steel knife, and it is not allowed to remove the residue on the screw by the fire barbecue method. material.

2. The idle running time of the screw in the plastic granulator is not allowed to exceed 2-3min.

3. Before the production of the material, the barrel and the forming mold should have no less than the heating and constant temperature time, and it is not allowed to be produced under the conditions of the plasticizing temperature of the raw material.

4. The screw must be started at a low speed, and the screw speed is allowed to increase gradually only after running for a period of time at a low speed.

Waster Plastic granulation extruder

Correct use of plastic granulator equipment

5. Check the lubrication parts at least 1-2 times per shift, add enough lubricant, and the temperature of the bearing parts should not exceed 50 °C.

6. The plastic granulator should always observe the current change of the main motor during the work. When the motor is working under overload conditions for a long time (allowing for instantaneous overload), it should stop immediately to find the cause of the fault and continue production after the fault is eliminated.

7. After the machine is heated for the first time, the barrel and the base connection fixing screw should be tightened once.

8.Before installing the screw and the mold, clean the mating contact surface of each part. The fastening bolts should be coated with a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil to facilitate the disassembly of the parts at high temperature. When disassembling and disassembling each part, do not hit the working surface of each part with a heavy hammer. If necessary, pad hardwood and hit the hardwood to remove the parts with a hammer.

9. Frequently check the quality of raw materials for production. It is not allowed to mix foreign materials such as sand and metal powder into the barrel (it is best to use the material to feed the iron).