How to recycle waste tires?

tire recycling

With the development of the industry, waste tires have been produced with a large number in the last few years. The pollution problem of waste tires has become increasingly prominent. In addition to waste gas and wastewater pollution generated during tire production, more and more waste tires are causing serious "black pollution" to the earth and posing great challenges to the protection of the environment.

Because of the strong resistance of the heat, it is not an easy thing to decomposed waste tires. Used tires not only always occupy a lot of lands but spread diseases by breeding mosquitoes. According to experts, tires are made from infusible or refractory polymer elastic materials. If the macromolecules of these materials are decomposed to the extent that they do not affect the growth of plants in the soil, it will take hundreds of years, but landfill, burning, etc. The solid waste method is not applicable to used tires. Therefore, how to recycle waste tires has been an environmentally recognized problem for a long time.

Tire Recycling
tire recycling

In order to solve the question: how to recycle waste tires? Many related people have thought some methods. To begin with, reusing waste tires directly is one of the recycling choices. But this method is not very popular. For example, use these waste tires as handicrafts or some protection, etc. Although this method can also process waste tires, it is not a widely used solution.

The development of the waste tire industry has brought about the rise of many retreading companies. However, the retreaded waste rubber tires may have certain safety hazards.

Thermal decomposition is also a good way to recycle used tires, but the cost is too high to afford, in addition, the approach does not have much profit.

Recycling waste tires into rubber powder are widely used in many countries, which is regarded as the most reasonable way to recycle used tires. What's more, the reclaimed rubber industry is keeping an upward momentum.

Waste Tires Recycling
waste tires recycling

How to recycle waste tires? Maybe we should get some inspiration from America. The U.S. is the country with the largest number of automobiles in the world, therefore, the number of waste tires produced also ranks first in the world. From the Federal Government’s Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Research Institute, there are about 300 million waste tires produced in America each year.

Waste Tire Recycling
waste tire recycling

In history, there have been several major waste tire fire incidents and epidemic diseases caused by waste tire pollution in the United States, which have caused great consideration to the environment. Therefore, the legislation of the US government mainly aims at the recycling, transportation, processing, and reuse of waste tires, promoting the development of the waste tire recycling market.

At present, there are three main industrial treatments for waste tires in America: the traditional landfill method, thermal energy utilization method, and rubber powder production. There are no industrialized waste tire pyrolysis companies and reclaimed rubber companies in the United States. With the increasingly serious constraints on the environment and resources, most states have strictly forbidden the disposal of waste tires in landfills.

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