Our life is inseparable from foam. Lunch boxes, packaging boxes, electrical protection corners, and fillings for fragile items of various foam materials, etc. After people use them, these foams become waste and are directly discarded.

Plastic foam compactor introduction

Plastic foam compactor is based on the principle of spiral rotation to generate pressure to squeeze foam , the mechanical environmental protection equipment for its compression process . The machine recycles plastic waste and also brings greater income to the user, and also reduces social pressure.

The requirements of environmental protection, some polluting equipment has slowly disappeared from the market. Now all recycling companies are using new environmentally friendly recycling machines to recover the waste foam through the equipment to break and compress the foam. In order to meet the market needs, our factory has developed a foam compator, which can quickly crush plastic foam and compress the volume of foam. The machine’s high output and easy to use, which is the first choice of foam recycling equipment.

Necessity of plastic foam compactor

Styrofoam is not easy to store and transport. Plastic foam is a common material in our lives and is widely used, but it is also because of its special properties that foam recycling becomes more troublesome. Foam is bulky and takes up a lot of space, but its light weight is inconvenient for storage. At this time, the foam crusher, foam melting machine and foam granulator supplied by our factory will come into play.

plastic foam compactor
plastic foam compactor

There is a lot of room for profit in recycling foam. In fact, these waste foam can be used again after processing into granules, and its performance is almost no different from new foam granules, and the acquisition cost of waste foam is low.

The various costs of waste foam granulation are also very low. Overall, the production equipment does not consume much electricity, the cost of raw materials is low, and the occupied site is small, so the cost is not too high, so this industry does have some profit space. Even with the addition of various costs, the foam pellets made still have a lot of room for profit.