Plastic pellet making machines use waste resource recycling to greatly reduce the pollution of white garbage, specializing in the production of plastic pellet making machines, we are a popular reputation in the waste plastic granulation market, plastic granule making machine work needs to meet your needs, for environmental protection and Energy saving provides a strong guarantee.

plastic pellet making machine

Plastic pellet making machine solves the problem of “white pollution”

The plastic granule making machine sold by Shuliy Machinery combines the exhaust gas treatment system with the combination of self-priming, filtration, cooling, water-melting and other technologies to treat the waste gas in the plastic recycling granulation process. The specific treatment process is as follows: the exhaust gas discharged from the vent hole of the granulator main machine is sucked into the exhaust gas treatment system through a pipeline, and then subjected to filtration, cooling, water melting and the like, thereby fundamentally solving the exhaust gas and the odor.

As plastic products occupy an increasing proportion in people’s daily lives, the plastic recycling industry has made up for the shortage of resin raw materials and eased the pressure of “white pollution” on the environment. Therefore plastic recycling is a very promising and important industry.