The plastic recycling in Indonesia has shown continuous growth in recent years but still faces some challenges and opportunities. Shuliy Machinery are trying our best to provide high-quality recycling machines and professional solution for recyclers.

Challenges for Indonesia plastic recycling

  • Inadequate infrastructure: Plastic recycling requires appropriate recycling machinery, including sorting, washing, and recycling equipment. Inadequate infrastructure in some areas limits the development of plastics recycling in Indonesia.
  • Problems with waste segregation: Waste segregation is not yet widely practiced in Indonesia, which makes recycling more difficult. Education and promotion of waste segregation needs to be strengthened.
  • Fluctuating market values: The profitability of the plastics recycling industry can be affected by fluctuations in the market price of raw materials, so plastics recycling companies in Indonesia need to pay close attention to market dynamics.

What can Shuliy Machinery do to solve the problem?

Plastic recycling pelletizing line for Indonesia

Plastic pelletizing line, also known as plastic pellet production line,the main equipment of the line is plastic pelletizing machines. It is designed to process plastic waste and convert it into high-quality plastic pellets. These plastic pellets can be used as raw material for various plastic products and receive wide popularity in the market.

PET bottle recycling line for Indonesia

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle recycling line is a specialized equipment for recycling and reusing PET plastic. The finished product of this line is clean PET plastic flakes which are of high economic value and they are widely used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, packaging containers, fibers and other consumer products.

Recycling plant in Indonesia using our machines

The Indonesian customer chose Shuliy recycling machines to conduct LDPE film recycling process. The following machines are plastic washing tank and plastic drying machine.