Our client hails from Indonesia and they have a batch of material that needs processing. This material consists of LDPE film scraps, approximately 1 centimeter in size.

The client’s requirements are to efficiently clean these recyclable plastic materials, remove impurities, and ensure thorough drying to produce high-quality recycled LDPE pellets. To meet these demands, we offered a tailored solution, involving a plastic washing machine and a plastic dewatering machine.

Details of plastic film washing drying line in Indonesia

Client’s Requirements:

  • Material Characteristics: The provided material comprises 1-centimeter-sized shredded LDPE film scraps.
  • Cleaning and Impurity Removal: The client aims to thoroughly clean the material and eliminate any impurities or contaminants.
  • Thorough Drying: The client desires the final recycled LDPE pellets to have a moisture content below 0.5%.

Shuliy Grou’s solution:

To fulfill the client’s needs, we provided the following solution:

  • Plastic Washing Machine: Our washing machine incorporates a vertical dewatering system and a spiral conveying mechanism, efficiently cleaning the material while removing waste and impurities.
  • Plastic Dewatering Machine: To ensure the material’s thorough drying, we customized the screen size of the plastic dewatering machine, preventing pellet loss and enhancing production efficiency.
  • Drying Pipeline: We also supplied a drying pipeline, which employs a hot air circulation system to eliminate any remaining moisture in the material, ensuring that the final recycled LDPE pellets have a moisture content well below 0.5%.

Washing drying recycling machinery for LDPE films

Recycling machineryDetailsQty
LDPE plastic washing tankWith screw loader and vertical lifter
Size of washing tank: L5m, W1.2m , H1.3m
Plastic dewatering machineMesh material: 304 stainless steel1
Drying pipePipe diameter:219mm
Pipe length:20m
Pipe thickness: 2mm
Material: stainless steel 201
LDPE film washing drying recycling plant machinery
plastic dryer pipe2
plastic drying pipe

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