Plastic bottles can be crushed and then processed into plastic products again. Moreover, the bottle body and label of most bottles such as beverage bottles are composed of three different materials. The bottle body is PET, and the material of the bottle cap is basically. It is PE, and the material of the label is PVC, which is very versatile after recycling.

With the increasing number of waste plastic bottles, many environmentalists and businessmen have started their ouw businessess of recycling plastic bottles. The Plastic bottle recycling line mainly includes plastic bottle label removing machine, plastic crusher, high-temperature washing barrel, rubbing washing machine, dewatering machine, etc. The plastic recycling production line is mainly used to deal with waste mineral water bottles, cola bottles, plastic bottles made of PET.

Because of the cleanliness of plastic bottles is different, the washing equipment they need is different too. In general. all the bottles need to be cleaned by a washing tank, the washing tank can separate PP or PE bottle cap from PET flakes, also can clean the plastic flakes for the first time. Then, a hot water washing tank will washing them by hot water and detergent, which also has the advantages of fast heat transfer, large temperature difference, and convenient cleaning. Then a frictional washing machine with a high-speed rotating screw allows the material to be fully rubbed with water, and the impurities (soil, sand, leaves, paper pulp) on the surface of the material are separated, and the dirty goods are washed with clean water.

Those three cleaning machines are necessary for the recycling PET bottles, if one has low budget, he can choose these three machines at least. but if he has a high budget, he can choose more three machines, for example, one washing machine,two or three hot water washing machine, two frictional machines. Machines in different number will provide different effect. The more cleaning machines can washing waste PET flakes cleaner, which also have a higher price.