How to recycle plastic bottles?

waste plastic bottle recycling

There are many steps to recycling plastic. Here is a detailed step-by-step discussion to help you understand the process of plastic recycling. It is important to note that according to requirements and materials, parts can be combined or omitted.

Step 1:Collection and classification

Because plastic has many different kinds of types, such as PP PE PET, etc, the collection and classification are very important before the collection. The classification is not that complicated, it depends on various factors such as color, type, material made and so on. This step is very important because different types of plastics are recycled in different ways.

Step 2: Washing

After sorting the plastic, the next step is to clean the plastic. This helps to eliminate all impurities mixed with plastic, such as labels, plastic bottle caps, etc.

Step 3: Crushing

After washing the plastic, the next step is to process it by shredding. This process helps to break the plastic into smaller particles. Because the surface area of ​​the plastic increases after shredding, and it helps to further recycle and transport the material.

Step 4: Granulation

Plastic waste will be sent to the plastic granulator after crushing, they will melt into a paste at a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and extruded into a long strip from the die. After cooling, the strips will become harder and then be cut into small pieces, then use them to produce other plastic products.

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