Many people are afraid that if they engage in the plastic recycling industry, they will not obtain long-term benefits. On how to gain a foothold in the plastic recycling industry, we interviewed Wang Yue, the big boss of the local recycling industry.

Wang Yue revealed that the market for waste plastic recycling business is actually huge. I can’t count the specific figures, but there is one point that can be testified: Everyone thinks about the useful things around, how many are plastic products, these are our business sources. Moreover, now that our country encourages the recycling of waste plastics, it also brings us business opportunities.

However, in Wang Yue’s opinion, although this business seems to have a low threshold, it is not easy to make money. For a simple example, the materials of waste plastics are different, some are valuable, and some are not. If you turn the two upside-down, it means that you have recycled non-valuable things at high prices, and the upstream production companies will not buy them, so you will lose money.

Although he was unwilling to reveal too much business, Wang Yue helped reporters summarize a few ways:

First, there must be “informants”, and the number must not be less.

Because as a businessman in this field, you are likely to have incomplete information. The price of plastic often changes within a few weeks. For example, if you do n’t have an informer, you may only be able to find waste plastic, which means that you have to compete with many scavengers;

And if you have an informant, you might make a few weeks of money in an hour or two. As far as Wang Yue is concerned, he has a team of about 50 informers, and he is never shy about informers. He also invites them to have a “big meal” during the festival.

waste plastic bottle
waste plastic bottle

The second is that you must have a master to enter the industry.

As mentioned earlier, in the eyes of many people, plastics are similar, but due to the different chemical composition, some can be recycled and reused, and some have no reuse value at all. If you don’t even understand these basic principles, Don’t talk about making money in this business, you can only lose money. This is why some people can make millions a year, and some can only make tens of thousands a year.

Third, we must have our own unique “stunts.”

This refers to the method of testing plastics. Some plastic materials cannot be discerned by the naked eye. Practitioners cannot stand in this line without their own unique skills. Here he provides the most primitive method of discrimination-burning.

Nylon smells like feathers after burning;

Polyethylene, soft to the touch, white, but average transparency, often with tape and printed characters. The flame is yellow and blue when burning, smokeless when burning, paraffin odor, easy to drip and melt when drawing;

Polyethylene Acetate: The surface is soft, and the tensile toughness is stronger than polyethylene. Although there is no glue on the surface, it feels sticky, white, and highly transparent. It also has a slightly sour taste when burning.

The fourth is to have your own warehouse.

Because waste plastic occupies a lot of space, it still takes mineral water bottles as an example. If a one-ton mineral water bottle is placed in a 30-square-meter room, it can be piled up and almost impossible to enter. To make money, practitioners obviously need a larger venue.

The fifth is to dare to form your own team.

In Wang Yue’s view, this is the most critical point. The profit jumped from more than 100,000 yuan a year to several hundred thousand yuan a year because of the formation of a team. It is absolutely impossible to carry this career on your own.