With the popularity of the plastic recycling industry, the demand for plastic granulator machines is also increasing. Many companies have also started to produce plastic recycling machines, which results in a wide variety of granulators on the market with uneven quality. How to choose a set of plastic granulator machines that suits you?
In this article, Shuliy machinery will give you several suggestions on how to choose a granulator machine from different angles. I believe you can gain some benefits after reading it.

Know the condition of your raw materials

First, you need to figure out what your ingredients are and if they are clean. If your raw material is already washed and shredded plastic chips, then you only need to distinguish whether the raw material is PP, PE, PET or EPE, EPS, etc. Different types of plastic pellets are suitable for different types of plastic pellets, and the heating and melting temperatures are also different.

If the raw material is just collected from the waste station, then you also need a plastic shredder and a plastic washing machine, and the granulation can be carried out after the shredding and washing.

In addition, not all plastics are easy to handle, such as engineering plastics like PEEK and plastics like fiberglass. Hard plastics require better blades and different rotors, and even more motor power.

If you really don’t know how to choose a model of a plastic granulator machine, tell us the size and type of your plastic, as well as how to feed it and how to use the recycled material. With our professional sales and technical staff, we can provide you with complete production lines and solutions.

Stability of plastic granulator machine

How to select plastic granulator? The stability and safety of the machine work are important indicators for the selection of plastic pelletizing machines. The stability of the machine is expressed in whether the structure of the equipment runs smoothly in each cycle and works in silence without impact. These conditions are related to the mechanical aspects of the manufacturing, and assembly accuracy, but also to the reasonable design of the connection device and its structure.

Other indicators to consider

  1. Whether the maintenance and overhaul of the equipment is convenient and simple.
  2. The equipment should have high production efficiency, perfect function, and a high degree of automation.
  3. Energy-saving and environmental protection of pelletizing equipment are indicators that cannot be ignored.