New plastic pelletizing machine ordered by Côte d'Ivoire customers are loaded

plastic pelletizing machine

On February 20, 2019, the plastic pelletizing machine ordered by the customer in Côte d'Ivoire has been produced and ready to be sent to the port requested by the customer. Because Côte d'Ivoire is far away from China, it takes several months for delivery. For this reason, we have invited a professional packaging company to process the whole set of plastic granule making machines carefully.

How do we package the plastic pelletizing machine for our customers they buy?

In order to prevent some performance problems when the machine is used by the customer, we have debugged each function of the plastic pelletizing machine carefully. Each component is tested for safety and performance, and even each screw is appropriate. Ensure that customers do not have any problems in performance or safety while using the machine.

For the outer packing of the plastic granule making machine, the packing company uses thickened wood boards. Thickened wood boards to ensure that the machine will not be damaged during transportation. In addition, the packaging company tightens each machine so that the machine does not wobble during transportation. In order to prevent damage to important parts of machines during transportation, such as motors, the packaging company packaged important parts with special packing.

Before the plastic pelletizing machine is packed, we check every part of the machine to ensure that there are no missing parts. Ensuring that after the machine is transported to the customer, the machine can produce safely and smoothly to maximize the benefits to the customer.

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