A month ago, a customer from Mumbai, India came to us to inspect our plastic recycling pelletizing machine. After consulting our plastic granule making machine, he was very satisfied with the operation of all aspects of our machines, and immediately ordered two sets of plastic recycling pelletizing machine. The machine was just packaged and ready to be sent to Qingdao, China yesterday, and then transferred to the customer’s location – Mumbai Port.

Indian waste plastic recycling:

The development of India’s economy was very fast in the last two years. However, with economic development, the environment in India is also deteriorating rapidly. In order to reduce the damage caused by environmental pollution, local governments in India attach great importance to the recycling of waste, especially the recycling of plastic waste. Plastic waste is generally difficult to be naturally degraded, and plastic waste contains a large number of toxic substances, which can easily cause great pollution to the surrounding water quality and air, so it is very important to handle the plastic waste.

In recent years, many Indian environmentalists have started to pick up plastic waste on the beaches and river banks to reduce plastic waste pollution. But this does not reduce the pollution caused by plastic waste, because the source of plastic waste is not well controlled. The effective way to solve this problem is to give certain incentives to recycle plastic. At this time, our plastic recycling pelletizing machine played an important role in this part.

plastic granulator machine
plastic granulator machine

The function of Shuliy plastic recycling pelletizing machine:

Plastic recycling pelletizing machine not only solves the problem of plastic pollution in the environment but also brings huge profits. After being processed by plastic recycling machine. After being processed by the plastic granule making machine, the plastic can be it can be reused. This not only reduces the dependence on raw materials but also protects the environment and saves costs.

Shuliy plastic granule making machine production line can handle 2-30 tons of waste plastic per day. The machine can not only solve the pollution caused by plastic well but also it can bring huge economic profits. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message below. Please leave your WhatsApp and we will reply to you within 24 hours.