The plastic pellet machine control system includes a heating system, a transmission system, a cooling system, and a process parameter measurement system, mainly by electrical appliances, meters, and actuators (ie, control panels and workstations). The main function of the plastic pellet machine control system is: the main auxiliary drive motor for control and adjustment, the output of speed and force meets the process requirements, and can mainly assist the coordination; the plastic molding machine that tests and adjusts the temperature, pressure, and flows; realizes the whole device Control or automatic control.

The electrical control of the extrusion device is roughly divided into two parts: drive control and temperature control, which realizes the extrusion process including temperature, pressure, and cooling.

Waster Plastic granulation extruder

1, plastic pellet machine host temperature control

Plastic wire and cable insulation and jacket extrusion are characterized by viscous flow based on thermoplastic deformation. In addition to the required plastic pellet machine screw and external heating barrel, the plastic melt is extruded, and the screw extrusion plastic itself is heated, the temperature requirements of the host should be considered in general, therefore, should not only consider the heater heating on and off Also consider the factors that cool the hot screws. The plastic pellet machine requires correct and reasonable determination of the position and installation method of the thermocouple of the measuring component. The reading from the temperature control meter can reflect the actual temperature of the component. The accuracy and system of the temperature control instrument should be well matched, and the stability of the temperature control system of the whole plastic pellet machine can meet the requirements of various plastic extrusion temperatures.

2, plastic pellet machine screw speed control

An important technical requirement for plastic pelletizers to adjust screw speed and stability is host transfer. The screw speed directly determines the quantity and speed of the product. To achieve high yield in normal production, it is necessary to achieve the speed required for the screw speed requirement of the plastic pellet machine. Since the fluctuation of the rotational speed will cause fluctuations in the quality of the impact extrusion, a change in the diameter of the cable will occur if the linear velocity of the traction does not change.

3, plastic pellet machine diameter control

As mentioned above, in order to ensure the diameter of the product cable, in addition to the need to control the core (core) dimensional tolerances, extrusion temperature, screw speed, and a traction device, it should also ensure control of line speed and outside diameter measurement. In plastic pellet machine equipment, the cable outer diameter should be tested at any time, and the traction or screw speed is adjusted by the feedback of the error signal, and the correct diameter is exceeded.

4, plastic pellet machine to obtain the requirements of roll tension control

In order to ensure that the constant tension is required to work from the empty disk at different line speeds, it is desirable to receive the wire tension adjustment mechanism of the wiring device or to consider the constant line speed and the electrical system of the constant tension winding.