The plastic granulator de-smoke equipment sucks the exhaust gas discharged from the vent hole of the granulator into the exhaust gas treatment system through a pipeline, and then undergoes processes such as filtration, atomization, condensation, water fusion, adsorption, decomposition, purification, etc., after being processed by the above process Effectively solves waste smoke, exhaust gas and odor.

Plastic granulator de-smoke equipment

After a high-tech environmental purification process, the exhaust gas and odor are fundamentally solved. Meet environmental requirements. The long-term effects of waste gas and odor generated by waste plastic granulation during the production process and the development of the waste plastics processing industry have caused the waste plastic recycling process to pollute the air and affect people’s normal life.

The success of this technology, such as environmentally friendly smoke removal and deodorization equipment, will push the plastics recycling industry into another era of new energy–energy-saving and environmental protection. The introduction of environmentally friendly plastic granulators in addition to smoke and deodorization equipment has made an indelible contribution to the sustainable development of our recycled plastic granulation industry and is also an important turning point in China’s energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic recycling granulation equipment.

The new environmentally friendly flue gas treatment system has a simple structure and a small footprint. Start-up and stop are very fast, ready to use, low cost of use and temperature-free, easy to operate, no need to send full-time staff to guard. In addition, our factory introduces non-powered flue gas treatment equipment. The non-powered smoke removal equipment is mainly used for machines with air distribution ports. There is no running cost without power equipment, and environmental protection and low carbon improve efficiency!