Something you should know about granulation of plastic appliance shell

ABS plastic

With the rapid development of modern industrialization, home appliances are also emerging in endlessly. Due to the extremely high rate of replacement of home appliances, common home appliances include: TV sets, refrigerators, computers, washing machines, etc. The high replacement rate of home appliances has led to a good prospect for the recycling of waste home appliance casings.

plastic granulator
plastic granulator

In fact, the main component of the housing of home appliances is ABS. Because chemical ABS has good comprehensive performance, good impact resistance and good stability, household appliance housing plastic is a relatively expensive material market. Experienced plastic recycling manufacturers are very cautious when choosing household appliance shell pelletizers.

Because the pellet value of the shell of household appliances is high, you should be more cautious when choosing a plastic granulator, and have high requirements for the quality and after-sales of the machine. Nowadays, Shuli Machinery is more and more recognized and favored by recycling manufacturers for its energy saving, environmental protection, excellent plastic pellet machine quality, and high-quality after-sales service.

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