Precautions in use

  • Operators are not allowed to chat with other personnel, and only one person can operate the panel when operating the plastic pellet machine, and no more than one person can operate;
  • We forbid non-professional personnel to open the cabinet door during work;
  • In addition, we refuse to use the knife when the pelletizer is working. When the pelletizer is blocked, we can’t use our hands and iron rods to dredge, we can only use wooden plastic rods for production;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to start the pellet machine motor when there is material in the plastic granulator, the screw die head of the whole pellet machine is not heated or the temperature does not reach the melting degree of the plastic.
plastic pelletizing machine

Cautions when switching off the granulator

  • Before shutting down, the hopper should be closed for discharging, and then the plastic in the screw can be emptied before the machine can be shut down.
  • When the machine is still hot, replace the filter screens of the main and auxiliary die heads of the plastic granulator with new ones.